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In Defense of Differentiated Instruction, with Dr. Angelia Ridgway and Nathaniel Ridgway

Authors and educators Dr. Angelia Ridgway, Professor of Education at the University of Indianapolis, and Nathaniel Ridgway join the podcast to discuss the pros and cons of differentiated learning, how to customize a course down to the individual student level, and the promise of educational technology and adaptive learning within differentiated instruction.

Can Creativity Be Taught?, with Catherine Thimmesh

Award-winning author, Sibert Medal winner, and creativity expert Catherine Thimmesh joins the podcast to dispel common myths about what creativity is and isn’t, and discuss how parents and teachers alike can encourage and foster our students’ creative thinking.

Roadschooling, with Kay Akpan and Robyn Robledo

These two families have been learning U.S. history firsthand — by driving their classroom right up to the story. In this episode, we talk about roadschooling with Kay Akpan, The MOM Trotter, and Robyn Robledo, Co-founder of Nomads with a Purpose.

Navigating Student-Teacher Conflict, with Dr. Stephanie Mihalas

Dr. Stephanie Mihalas, Licensed and Board-Certified Psychologist, Nationally Certified School Psychologist, and Founder at The Center for Well Being, discusses how to identify red flags and take action regarding conflict between your student and their instructor.

Embedding STEM into Your Every Day, with Emily Hunt

Busting the myth that you have to be a STEM expert to teach it to children, educator and author Emily Hunt talks about how to turn STEM into an everyday activity.

Your Guide to Gameschooling for All Ages, with Cait Curley

Cait Curley, school psychologist and founder of Never Board Learning joins the podcast to talk a little Wordle, her belief that almost all of school can be fun and games, and the academic power of gamification.

How to Solve Wicked Problems, with Dr. Paul Hanstedt

Dr. Paul Hanstedt, Director of the Houston H. Harte Center for Teaching and Learning at Washington and Lee University and author of “Creating Wicked Students: Designing Courses For a Complex World," talks about the need to create wicked students ready to solve the future’s most wicked problems.

What Kinds of Students Does MIT Look For?, with Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson, Director of Special Projects at MIT Admissions and Student Financial Services, discusses what MIT looks for when reviewing college applications and how students can create an MIT-friendly application.

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